Samsung OEM Protective Bumper Cover Plus Case for Galaxy S3 Green

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Samsung OEM Protective Bumper Cover Plus Case for Galaxy S3 Green

Samsung OEM Protective Bumper Cover Plus Case for Galaxy S3 Green Rating:
List Price: $9.47
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Product Description

The perfect combination of style and durability The Galaxy S3 Protective Cover + case is a precision designed cell phone case that protects the device without sacrificing style. Galaxy cases also feature one of the sleekest android phone case designs, allowing for both function and fashion. All around protection The hard case protects the phone in a number of ways. A rubber bezel absorbs any impact the corners of the phone may endure while the protective gel provides protection against other direct damage. The Samsung cover provides a buffer between the screen and surfaces to prevent scratches when the smartphone is placed face down. Each case also protects the phone against scratches and dirt build up. Complete access Some mobile phone cases can restrict the phones functionality, however, each Samsung phone case is designed to allow easy access to all ports and buttons. Samsung cases are built to the specifications of the phone to ensure an exact fit and maintain the full functionality of the phone. Easy installation The Protective Cover + slips gently over the phone providing it with a hard shell that protects against bumps and drops. The cover installation is effortless and the can be done in under a minute. Dock compatible Galaxy phones with the Protective Cover + installed are still fully compatible with the Samsung Multimedia Dock and Vehicle Dock, adding to its versatility. Colors to match your style The Protective Cover + cases for Samsung Galaxy S3 phones are available in a variety of stylish colors so there is certain to be a color to match anyone's personality.


  • Fits Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Provides exceptional protection
  • Hard shell protects against bumps and drops
  • Cover is scratch resistant.

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